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Preschool Music and Movement Adventures provides a musical program for preschool age children which allows a child to experience stimulating auditory, language, visual, and motor activities which encourages early childhood brain development.

Did you know that 90% of a child's brain is developed by the time they are 5 years old? That is why we believe music is so important in the lives of young children! Music sparks excitement and adventure in children, creating an optimal environment for learning, and promoting success in their musical experiences.

The Preschool Music and Movement Adventures program is taught at preschools & childcare centers in Forsyth, Iredell, Davie, Davidson Counties and surrounding areas.

Classes Include :

Instrument Playing
Singing Games
Rhythm Patterns
Tonal Patterns
Instrument Recognition by Sight & Sound
Movement Games
Musical Concepts
Classes Promote:

Language Development
Auditory Discrimination Skills
Spatial Reasoning Skills
Gross and Fine Motor Skills
Social Skills
Lots of SMILES!

A Passion for Teaching.

Jenny Yost
Jenny Jones is the founder of Preschool Music and Movement Adventures. She taught in Davie County public schools, and has been teaching preschool music for . With Bachelor's degrees in Elementary Education and Music,

Jenny's passions are children, and sharing the value that music provides to a child - intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Integrating Movement for Increased Learning.

Movement is important for the development of coordination in children and has also been proven to increase learning in all areas. All Preschool Music and Movement Adventures classes include elements of movement.

Not only is movement beneficial to learning, but of course it also adds a dimension of fun to all activities! With the combination of music and movement, children become fully engaged with the activity at hand and are fully immersed in their own musical adventure.
Jenny Yost

from one of our customers

" invaluable program..."

Preschool Music Adventures has far exceeded my expectations for a preschool music program, both as a parent, and as a director.  Every single Monday afternoon, my son Phoenix has a new (and sometimes rare) instrument that he has learned about – he will talk to me about what the instrument looks like, how it sounds, how it is used, etc.  He also teaches me new songs that he learns on a weekly basis, singing them on the way home, while taking a bath at night and to his baby sister when she is upset.  

As an administrator, I am able to listen in on classes each Monday (as the music classroom is next to my office).  Ms. Jenny fully engages every child, toddlers to four year olds, helping them learn about and have hands-on experience with new songs, instruments, tones, rhythms and genres of music.  Preschool Music Adventures is an invaluable program that has made significant and positive impact in our early childhood program.

-Cara McKeown, Director

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